Touching Lives Through Engineering



A small fabrication unit that started in 1989 with a few employees has now grown into a conglomerate of diverse industries with about 40,000 direct employees and more than seven million people associated worldwide. 
Headquartered in Hyderabad, India's leading multi-sector company Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited (MEIL), has made its mark across 20 countries – the USA, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Belarus, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Lesotho, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Libya, Bangladesh and Jordan– apart from India. 
Since its inception, it has grown into a global infrastructure leader in the fourth decade, expanding its wings to many sectors oil and gas, transportation, power, telecom, irrigation and defence sectors. It is currently executing several projects globally. 

Launched as Megha Engineering Enterprises (MEEs) in 1989, the company executed drinking water and irrigation projects in the mid-1990s in undivided Andhra Pradesh, later expanding to various states in India in the 2000s. 
With time, the company transformed into MEIL in 2006, enhancing its global presence and completing projects with unmatched quality standards. 

Backed with years of experience and investment in innovative technologies, the company is executing many ambitious projects at record speed. The company aims at embarking on a long journey of engineering resource creation. 
The company's subsidiaries – Olectra Greentech Ltd (OLECTRA), Evey Trans Private Limited, ICOMM, Drillmec S.p.A, Petreven S.p.A, MFGIL, WUPPTCL and SEPC, also have achieved remarkable success. 
From undertaking modest irrigation and drinking water projects to becoming a giant in the infra and manufacturing business, this company has proven to be the epitome of success and excellence! 

Smart engineering 

By adopting technologically sound strategies, the company aims at improving the standard of living of people across the globe. Alongside prioritising sustainability, creating maximum employment opportunities for youth distinguishes the infra giant from its peers.

The company specialises in handling complex hydrocarbon projects from design to implementation. Its hydrocarbon division has added several capabilities to its portfolio, ranging from gas compressor plants, water treatment plants, and API process piping to gas-based plants. 

The company has also become India's first to gain orders for indigenous manufacturing and set up hydraulic oil rigs. Through its hydrocarbons division, the company is working on delivering a total of 47 state-of-the-art oil rigs to ONGC. In addition, it has acquired the world-renowned Italy-based companies Drillmec S.p.A and Petreven S.p.A. 
Drillmec S.p.A manufactures rigs, heavy machinery, and equipment to extract oil from the seabed and on the surface (offshore and onshore). The company has manufactured and supplied over 500 heavy rigs worldwide to various oil extraction companies. 

Petreven S.p.A provides operations and management services to more than 20 advanced oil rigs.

Megha Gas, another subsidiary of the company, exclusively contributes a proverbial feather to the company’s cap of achievements. It is executing the City Gas Distribution (CGHD) projects catering to 10% of the population across 10% of the geographical area in India. Megha Gas has taken up the City Gas Distribution project. 

The company also executes the City Gas Distribution (CGD) projects, including constructing city gate stations or mother stations, laying main and distribution pipelines, and installing CNG stations.

The company has also taken up the construction of Gas Compressor plants, Gas-based power generation, Group Gathering stations in the energy sector, and processing and storing of Natural gas.

Building roads for the future

The company's expertise covers the transportation sector as well. With unmatched skill in tunnel construction for road and railway routes, the engineering major is one of the companies currently executing the prestigious Zojila Tunnel. It is one of the world's most complicated tunnel constructions and is being made as part of a strategic advantage to India, considering its geographical location. 

The company is also constructing part of the railway tunnel for RVNL (Rail Vikas Nigam Limited) between Rishikesh and Karnaprayag in Uttarakhand, connecting the Chardham – the four popular pilgrim centres in the Himalayas. Further, the company is laying a part of the Vijayawada Bypass road between Chinnaoutupalli and Gollapudi in Andhra Pradesh. In Maharashtra, it is laying a part of the Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway. 

Alongside these, the company is laying a six-lane expressway between Chengala & Neeleshwaram and Neeleshwaram & Taliparamba in Kerala as part of the Bharatmala Pariyojana scheme. It is also laying a 4-lane Delhi-Amritsar-Katra Greenfield Expressway connecting Patankhot, Gurdaspur and Hiranagar in Punjab. 

Under phase-2 of segment 14 (44.6 km), the company will be constructing part of the expressway from Junction with Pathankot Gurdaspur road NH54 near Balsua to Junction with Hiranagar road near Gurha Baildaran (423.5km to 468.1km).

Drafting a blueprint for the power sector

The company has established a strong foothold in India's power sector by leveraging its capabilities in the manufacturing industry and EPC projects. The company has executed many projects to augment the power generation capabilities of the country. For example, the company completed the 400-kV substation project in Andhra Pradesh for its client PGCIL (Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd) in a record time of seven months. The feat was recorded in the Asia Book of Records, the Limca Book of Records and the India book of records. 
In February 2018, the company successfully commissioned the WUPPTCL (Western Uttar Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Ltd) project, which consists of the biggest 765-kV AIS substation constructed and commissioned in India by a private developer. 
The company is the first to bring Gas Insulated Substation (GIS)  technology to India. It has used this space-saving technology in WUPPTCL and Raidurg projects. 
It is executing the Ratle Hydroelectric Power Project for the Ratle Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd (RHPCL), which is a joint venture between National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) and Jammu & Kashmir State Power Development Corporation (JKSPDC). The company will be executing this 850-MW-capacity project on River Chenab in Kisthwar district on a turnkey basis. 
The company has already constructed 6,000 km of high-tension power lines. Nearly 100 million people are benefitting from the completion of various power projects worldwide. It produces 750 MW of hydroelectric and solar power through different projects. It supplies electricity to 1,734 villages. In addition, it has built more than 700 km of highways, and another 2,000 km of roads are currently under construction across the country.

Irrigation and Drinking Water

The company has set a track record for executing irrigation and drinking water projects like Sauni Yojana (L1P1 and L1P3) in Gujarat, Tanzania, drinking water projects DAWASA & Dar-es-Salaam, Mission Bhagiratha – the mammoth water-grid project taken up by the Telangana government. 

The company has executed hundreds of drinking water projects. A total of six crores of people benefited from completing these projects in time. The company is an expert in the building of water grids. 
The company's landmark projects of this kind are the ones entrusted by the Telangana Government for the towns of Kamareddy, Gajwel, and the Godavari drinking water scheme.
The Gajwel water grid was executed as part of Mission Bhagiratha, which was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Komatibanda on August 06, 2016. 
The Uddanam drinking water project, being executed by the company in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh, intends to mitigate the decades-long health problems the households of the region are facing due to the presence of heavy metals and contaminants in the groundwater. In Karnataka, the company is executing the Sathegala Drinking Water Project for rural areas of Ramanagara district of the State. 
Pattisam Lift Irrigation Scheme in Andhra Pradesh, Bhakta Ramdas Lift Irrigation Project in Telangana, Purushottapatnam LIS project and Muchumarri Irrigation Project in Andhra Pradesh, on or before the stipulated timelines. The Pattisam Godavari-Krishna linking project has made it to the Limca Book of Records as the 'Fastest Executed Lift Irrigation Project in India.' 
The Kalisindh Micro Irrigation Project in Madhya Pradesh, being executed by the company, caters to the irrigation needs of 282 villages by lifting water from the Indira Sagar Project Reservoir. The Ramthal project, Asia's largest drip irrigation project in Karnataka, has also been completed by the company.
The infra giant is instrumental in completing the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project, the world's largest lift irrigation project, from concept to completion in a record time. As part of the project, the company has set up 15 high-capacity pumping stations with a total capacity of 4,439 MW.
The company has created a history in engineering by completing the massive project in three years flat. Alongside this, the company believes in participating along with governments of various states in irrigation, enhancing the overall development of rural areas. The construction of irrigation projects has helped 3.70 crore farmers in the country. 

Setting a benchmark in manufacturing 

The manufacturing wing of the company is well-equipped to produce various equipment and fittings like pressure vessels, spiral welded pipes, HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene ) pipes, and GRP (Glass-reinforced Polyester), GRE (Glass-reinforced Epoxy) pipes and fibreglass. 
The company contributes big time to the "Make in India" initiative. Megha Fibre Glass Industries Limited (MFGIL), a subsidiary of the MEIL, is the first manufacturer of GRP pipes on CFW (Continuous Filament Winding) machines in South India. The GRP pipes section received API monogram certification within 6 months of the company’s Spiral Mill Division's production.
The company has launched itself into a new niche of manufacturing electric buses through its subsidiary Olectra Greentech Ltd, contributing to environmental enrichment by reducing carbon emissions. Currently, hundreds of EV buses are running across different states in India, and the company contributes to the reduction of thousands of metric tonnes of carbon emissions in a year.


The company takes pride in participating in manufacturing defence equipment and earning laurels in its endeavour. It manufactures and supplies various defence equipment and machinery for the armed forces. In addition, the company is accelerating research in the energy sector and preparing to offer tailor-made products and services in keeping with future needs in view.

ICOMM, a group company is one of the largest infrastructure construction companies in India has evolved into a major stakeholder in India’s self-reliance in the defence sector. 
Through indigenous development of Critical Technologies in the domain of Missiles and Communications, it has contributed to the modernization of the Indian Armed forces. ICOMM is associated with Missile and Communications including Electronic Warfare (EW) programmes in collaboration with various defence agencies and companies both in the public and private sectors across the globe. 

Noteworthy projects

The Kalisind micro-irrigation project in Madhya Pradesh, the underground hydropower plant (Kundah Hydropower) in Tamil Nadu, the construction of the Nagpur-Mumbai National Highway in Maharashtra, the gas pipeline under construction in Rajasthan, the Mettur Lift Irrigation Scheme in Tamil Nadu, the Singataluru drip irrigation in Karnataka, the oil refinery project in Kuwait, Devadula Lift Irrigation Scheme in Telangana - one of the largest lift irrigation project in the World, Uddanam Drinking Water Scheme for victims of kidney diseases in Andhra Pradesh, Gojalia Palatana Pipeline Project in Tripura, Lambadug Power Station in Himachal Pradesh, NMDC Water Supply in Chhattisgarh, Polavaram Multi-purpose Irrigation Project in Andhra Pradesh with the world's largest spillway, Ganga Water Supply Scheme in Uttar Pradesh and a Gas-insulated Substation (GIS) with advanced technology in Hyderabad – these are just a few to name among the several projects being handled from the stable of the MEIL.

The company has proven its mettle in various industries with its unwavering commitment to quality, excellence and pace of execution. Moreover, it envisages diversification of its activities into new and unexplored areas, thus continuously expanding its portfolio. With high execution standards, a well-qualified team, and industry expertise, the company is progressing at a breakneck speed without compromising quality and deliverance.