Empowering lives through energy



The world’s quest for energy is growing enormously, and in sync with it is the increasing demand for reliable and uninterrupted electricity in urban and remote regions. The MEIL seconds the fact that round-the-clock power supply and improved grid reliability are essential for the energy security of future generations. Taking that responsibility, the company envisages becoming a reliable source of power generation and lighting up people’s lives. 

Propelling towards energy efficiency

The power generated by the projects executed by the company propels agriculture and industry forward. Apart from making a mark in hydropower and thermal energy generation, the company also stands tall in renewable energy generation. It has independently developed large-scale electricity distribution and supply systems using advanced technologies. The company takes pride in setting up India’s first concentrated solar thermal energy facility. 
Taking the journey forward

It has forayed into the construction, power generation and distribution arenas in 2009-10 and has emerged as a force to reckon with by demonstrating its efficiency in completing various projects worldwide. As a result, it is playing a vital role in the advancement of communities by electrifying millions of habitations globally. In addition, it has earned an international reputation by generating and distributing hydropower, solar power, and thermal power projects through public-private partnerships.
Setting benchmarks & records

The company has expertise in constructing power towers and low and high-tension transmission lines. It has built the largest private-sector electricity distribution systems in India. The Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) has recognised the company for completing projects ahead of schedule. The company has set up hydropower generation projects in Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh, and it has established advanced solar power plants in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. The company has built a robust distribution system to provide electricity to rural areas through its 765-kV and 400-kV transmission networks. 

The company has bagged an award from the Government of India and earned a place in the Limca Book of Records and the Asia Book of Records for completing the substation works executed for the PGCIL at Nambulapulakunta in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh, within just seven months. The 400/200kV substation was set up to connect the Ultra Mega Solar Power Plant to the power grid and supply 1,500 MW of electricity.
Expertise in conventional and green energy 

The company has demonstrated its mettle on several occasions – be it the timely completion of the world’s largest multi-lifting irrigation project, Kaleshwaram, building supply substations and transmission lines equivalent to the entire power grid in Northeast India or setting up the most advanced 765kV and 400kV substations in Uttar Pradesh.

As part of the National Solar Mission Phase-1, the MEIL has built the country’s first 50 MW solar thermal plant in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh, to generate renewable solar energy. It completed the project by developing the Green Belt to the highest quality standards. 

The company has built India’s first gas-insulated substation. Using advanced technology, it has built 400kV-capacity state-of-the-art AIS (Air-Insulated) and GIS (Gas-Insulated) substations.
For the first time in India, the company has introduced Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), an ultra-modern technology in the solar energy sector. It has successfully constructed and commissioned the Canal-top Solar Power Project in Gujarat on the branch canal of River Narmada. 
A trusted partner

The company has been adding value as a trusted partner in the power sector by delivering projects on time without compromising the quality of work across India. It is building a run-of-the-river hydroelectric power project in the challenging Himalayan terrain. Besides building power plants, the company has also done ancillary engineering work.
The Chatra-Latehar double circuit transmission line in Jharkhand and a power system in the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project in Telangana, equal to the power required to energise the entire Northeastern States, are the testimonials for its efficiency. 

Bringing home new technology

The company has constructed power systems employing GIS technology in Uttar Pradesh and has set up GIS substations at Lingayapalem in Andhra Pradesh and Raidurg in Hyderabad. The company has taken up the Kundah pumped-storage hydropower project in the Nilgiri Hills and a substation at Virudhnagar in Tamil Nadu. 
In Andhra Pradesh, it is setting up a gigantic hydroelectric power generation plant in Polavaram. It constructed the country’s most extensive 1.5-km-long seawater outfall discharge system with a 1.8-diameter MS pipe at Krishnapatnam Thermal Power Station in Andhra Pradesh. 

It has completed numerous public and private sector projects globally to bring light into people’s lives. For example, it has executed 5,000 km of high-tension lines for domestic and industrial utilities, benefiting about 10 crore people.
Renewable Energy

By garnering expertise in the generation, transmission and distribution of renewable and non-renewable energy to the nooks and corners of India and other parts of the world, the company has proven its efficiency in the core sector of power. It has executed projects for both the public and private sectors along its three-decade-long journey. It has adopted and implemented innovative power generation and distribution methods matching the present day’s demand for affordable yet uninterrupted power to the teeming millions. 
The MEIL has established a 50MW solar plant in Maharashtra in record time. The project employs 4 lakh solar panels, 6,000 metric structures, 80,000 foundations, 96 inverters, and 120 LT/HT panels spanning over 2,000 kilometres.

Saving water from evaporation 

For the first time in the world, the company has set up a solar project on top of a canal to generate 10MW of power. This project has prevented the evaporation of millions of litres of water and saved massive expenditure on land acquisition. Approximately 33,800 photovoltaic solar panels have been used in this project. It has been recognised as one of the “top 100 most innovative projects in the world.”
Run-of-the-river Hydropower Project

The company is setting up the 25 MW Lambadug Hydro Power Project in the most challenging terrains of Himachal Pradesh. The project is a run-of-the-river type that will source water from the Lambadug Khad. It is constructing a diversion weir, trench weir, approach channel, forebay, pressure shaft, and penstock. It has 3 Francis-type turbines of 8.33 MW capacity each. Together, these turbines can generate 25MW power. 
Double circuit transmission lines, each of 132 kV, have been established. These lines, totalling 12.8 km, travel from Barot to Bassi Jogindernagar. There are 38 pylons (high voltage electricity towers) to transmit power. The company has completed civil, and electromechanical works of the project.
Powering homes

The company has electrified about 1,734 villages in India besides constructing and maintaining a power supply system like Western UP Power Transmission Company (WUPPTCL) in Uttar Pradesh. It has proved its expertise by completing a 3,436-MW power plant in two-and-a-half years, which includes the construction of six substations of 400 kV and 200 kV capacities and laying a 260-km-long transmission network. 

In addition to building the country’s first 765 kW supply system in Uttar Pradesh, it also laid 654-km of 765/400 KVA power transmission lines. Along with seven substations, it has built 836 circuit kilometres of power lines and installed 765 and 400-220-132 kW single- and double-circuit lines. These will enable the supply of 13,220 MVA of electricity throughout the region. As part of this, it has built seven high-tension power substations at Hapur, Greater Noida, Secunderabad, Indirapuram, Dasna, Nehtour, and Hatour.  

It built 765kV transmission lines for 475 km and 400 kV high-tension transmission lines for 358 km as part of this power supply system. Furthermore, GIS substations are set up in a building, and sparse hexafluoride gas-consuming electrical machinery is installed. The company has been credited with being the first in the country to build 400 kV, 220 kV, 132 kV, and 33 kV GIS substations.
Integrated Power Solution provider

The engineering &infra major has grown into an integrated company in the power generation sector by completing numerous thermal power projects. It has built a 525 MW coal-based power plant at Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu. 

This power plant has a 1,700 TPH capacity boiler, a 555 MW turbine generator, a 500 TPH coal handling plant with an intake capacity of 6,700 cusecs of seawater, and 66,000 cumec/hour capacity cooling water system, and a 275-metre high chimney. The company has supplied the entire steel required for this thermal power plant.